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Beach Vibes Sugar Scrub

Image of Beach Vibes Sugar Scrub

Pink Sands and Orange Push Pops

Handcrafted Sugar Scrubs allow for soft skin exfoliatation with Shea Butter for extra silky skin.

Available in 4 ounce and 8 ounce jars.

These scrubs contain vitamin e and absolutely no emulsifying waxes. Who wants wax in a scrub?!

These are absolutely natural and safe for your skin. It's so moisturizing, use our Shea Butter after scrubbing away at the skin for extra hydrated skin! Exfoliated, silky smooth and a lasting scent that smells delicious.

Made with all natural ingredients and pthalate paraben free fragrance oils.

NO preservative, chemicals or parabens. ! Since there are is no preservatives it makes our scrubs much more natural. Always use dry hands to scoop out of container or spoon that comes with the scrub!