Angel Essence Aroma


3 in 1 Accord Hot Plate Wax Warmer

Image of 3 in 1 Accord Hot Plate Wax Warmer

These are a 3 in 1 (yes I said it! 3 in 1) wax warmer. You can melt the same scent in all 3 warmers or blend as you wish. They are a hot plate warmer which means no light bulb and no light bulb changing! These hot plates get very hot and melt our wax fabulously! Grab one of these awesome warmers while supplies last. Limit of 2 per person only.

When changing wax out of the warmer, simply put the wax pot into the freezer for 20 minutes and the wax will pop right out! These warmers are my favourite and I have 3 of them on at all times.

Shipping will be invoiced when your order is ready to ship.

Limit of 2 warmers per customer.

Turn around time for these warmers is 2 weeks.