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Image of Sweater Weather/Pumpkin Patch

Sweater Weather/Pumpkin Patch

Sweater Weather & Pumpkins
Juniper berry, eucalyptus sage on a woodsy background, thoughts of the first brisk days of an Autumn morning. Enjoying the majestic changing leaves and fall pumpkins.. My favourite time of year!

Each scent shot weighs 2ounces and is enough for 2 separate melts.
2 packs weigh 2 ounces and come labeled and sealed in zip top polypropylene.

Shipping is invoiced when your order is ready to ship.

I ship worldwide!

My wax is chemical free and all natural soy wax. Never a paraffin wax used (a petroleum byproduct).

Turn around time (TAT) is 4-7 business days.